Children’s Creativity Museum at Yerba Buena Gardens (Formerly Zeum)

Children's Creativity Museum

The Children’s Creativity Museum is an interactive art and technology museum for kids. Our mission is to nurture the 3C’s of 21st-century skills – Creativity, Collaboration and Communication – in all youth and families. We believe that the ability to think critically, collaborate broadly, communicate effectively and generate and prototype multiple solutions, is the core of a 21st-century education.

We envision a world where creativity, collaboration and communication inspire new ideas and innovative solutions. We believe that the success of the next generation will hinge not only on what they know, but also on their ability to think and act creatively as global citizens.

Here are the ways in which we are changing the world for kids and families:

Becoming a Model for 21st-Century Learning

At the Children’s Creativity Museum, we are transforming the way kids learn. We move from the conventional approach of play to one of invention. We shift the focus from media consumption to media production. We promote collaboration over independence and engagement over isolation. These principles – combined with our educational approach that encourages kids to imagine, create and share – provide a new model for nurturing core 21st-century skills.

Nurturing Lifelong Learning and Creativity

At the Children’s Creativity Museum, we recognize the importance of instilling a love of learning and building creative confidence at a young age. We achieve this through our educational programs that are designed to engage kids throughout their development, starting in preschool and continuing through high school. In addition, we offer programs for educators and parents who play a critical role in building a solid foundation for lifelong learning and creativity.

Connecting Families and Communities

The Children’s Creativity Museum is a world-class, 21st-century children’s museum in one of the world’s most culturally diverse and creative cities. Youth and families — from all backgrounds, communities, and income levels — have the opportunity to work side by side to create a dynamic and creative learning environment. This provides an ideal platform for collaboration, inclusion, and the celebration of each person’s unique talents.

The information above can be found on the official website of Children’s Creativity Museum at Yerba Buena Gardens (Formerly Zeum). For more details about the organization and to find out how you can volunteer, please visit their website:

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