Committee for Green Foothills

Committee for Green Foothills

In 1962, a handful of citizens and activists founded Committee for Green Foothills to save the Peninsula foothills from sprawling development. Our founders knew that through carelessness, indifference, and poor planning our natural heritage — the hills, forests, creeks, wetlands and coastal lands of the Peninsula — would slowly be destroyed.

Looking to the foothills and the coast, we behold our founders’ legacy of open space protection with the understanding that our vigilance is just as important today. Our mission is to protect and preserve the hills, forests, creeks, wetlands, and coastal lands of the San Francisco Peninsula through grassroots education, planning, and legislative advocacy.

In the decades since CGF was founded, the Committee has proven its effectiveness time and time again in the battle against over-development throughout the Peninsula Bay Area. Today, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, CGF is a leader in the continuing effort to protect open space and the natural environment of the Peninsula and Coast.

The information above can be found on the official website of Committee for Green Foothills. For more details about the organization and to find out how you can volunteer, please visit their website:

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