Donald P. McCullum Youth Court

Donald P. McCullum Youth Court

The mission of McCullum Youth Court is to offer youth offenders a second chance through restorative justice, peer accountability, and empowering opportunities; and to engage all youth – especially those at risk for entering the juvenile justice system – in expansive experiences related to law and justice with the aim of changing young lives and impacting communities.

Core Elements

McCullum Youth Court is a youth centered peer court for first time juvenile offenders. The youth offender acknowledges responsibility for the offense and is willing to accept consequences determined by their peers.

Offenders are represented by youth attorneys who have been trained in prosecution (to represent the victim(s) and community) and defense (to represent the offender). Cases are tried and sentences issued by a jury of peers.

Sentences are designed to hold the youth accountable in a meaningful, restorative manner.

Community Service:
The community service component of sentencing is designed to provide a meaningful learning experience as well as an opportunity to build relationships with other youth, supportive adults, and services or a program that can serve as a source of positive support after the youth has completed Youth Court.

Youth in Leadership:
Youth in Leadership positions at Youth Court assist with all aspects of the Court, including case management of youth offenders under the close supervision of professional adult staff. Case Managers work closely with the offenders and their families to ensure effective and appropriate services.

Outside Resources:
Youth Court maintains an expansive network of collaborative agencies in order to provide referrals for the diverse needs of our clients.

Opportunities for the Future:
Youth Court serves as a stepping stone for aspiring attorneys and provides youth volunteers and interns an opportunity to see themselves as positive agents in the legal system while they develop valuable civic and social skills to assist them in pursuing their dreams.

A Close Knit Community:
Youth Court actively promotes an environment that values the diversity of youth, families, communities, staff, and volunteers.

The information above can be found on the official website of Donald P. McCullum Youth Court. For more details about the organization and to find out how you can volunteer, please visit their website:

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