North Bay Canine Rescue and Placement

North Bay Canine Rescue and Placement

We are a group of dedicated volunteers committed to the rescue of dogs from crisis situations. Some of these situations include euthanasia by animal shelters, neglect and other forms of abuse, potential use in research laboratory testing, or use as bait for the training of fighting dogs.

Our rescued animals are immediately placed in foster homes, not kennels. Foster homes are the most crucial yet challenging ingredient to our rescue efforts. Without available foster homes, many dogs are unable to be rescued. However with foster homes, each dog is provided a nurturing home environment that includes food, shelter, exercise, and, most importantly, love. These animals come to understand that the safest place in the world is in the arms of their caretakers. Once the dog is ready, she or he is adopted into a thoroughly screened, caring, and permanent home.

You may ask, “What is so unique about NBCR&P, and why would one choose to adopt from, volunteer with, or contribute to NBCR&P?” The bottom line with most rescue groups is the welfare of our canine companions, so in that respect we are no different than anyone else. However, unlike many other organizations, we do take special care with very sick or injured animals. We have, on occasion, taken dogs from shelters that have broken bones, epilepsy, internal malformations, drastic skin problems, pneumonia, and other ailments–some life threatening. We spare no expense with vet care in doing what is required to help these animals as long as we are reasonably sure that the dog, once brought back to health, can lead a quality, pain-free life. We choose to rescue without discrimination as to health and we stand behind (and go into hoc for) that decision.

Unlike most pure breed rescue organizations, we do not discriminate against an animal because it’s too old, because it has a tail or doesn’t have a tail, because it’s the “wrong color,” size, shape, or parentage. If we encounter animals that would be characterized by pure breed rescue organizations as “acceptable” and meeting their criteria, we alert them of the dog’s whereabouts in hopes they have resources available for rescue, foster and placement–then, ideally, we are able to focus on the off-breed (mixed) animals who remain at higher risk and would otherwise have no advocate to intervene on their behalf. However, regarding the pure bred Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, and Cattle Dog, it seems apparent to us that the pure breed organizations in Northern California are unable, for whatever reasons, to respond to the call for rescue, and it falls upon us to pull these animals from the shelters and incorporate them into our rescue, foster, and placement effort. While we possess the willingness to do this, we lack the resources, and appeal to pure breed rescue organizations to assist us financially and logistically in this effort.

The information above can be found on the official website of North Bay Canine Rescue and Placement. For more details about the organization and to find out how you can volunteer, please visit their website:

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