Operation Mom

Operation Mom

Operation Mom is a national military family support group founded in 2001. We were formally recognized in 2003 as the winner of the Jefferson National Award for public service. Our primary mission is to provide a place where families of those serving our country can find support, encouragement, solace, and be with others who share their heart.

An outreach of our support system is to provide ‘Little Touch of Home’ packages to our troops serving worldwide. We have been actively doing this since 2001, shipping hundreds of thousands of boxes to wherever our troops may be stationed, anywhere in the world.

We make heart connections and lifelong friendships with the families of those serving our great nation, and help military families cope emotionally. We also have given financial assistance when and where necessary.

We also ensure that our proud military service members and veterans will never return home to indifference, ungratefulness or be unsung. Operation Mom is neither political, religious, for, or against any war or conflict.

The information above can be found on the official website of Operation Mom. For more details about the organization and to find out how you can volunteer, please visit their website: http://www.operationmom.org

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