St. Jude Heroes

St. Jude Heroes

As one of the world’s premier centers for the research and treatment of cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a beacon of hope to families with sick children everywhere.

Hope that there are new discoveries. Hope that there are treatments that cure. Hope that a child will not die in the dawn of life.

St. Jude is the hospital that hope built—a place where parents can focus on their children and not worry about the cost of treatment. That’s because people across the country make a commitment to raise money to help fund the lifesaving work of St. Jude. As a St. Jude Hero, you can join these men, women and children on the front lines in the fight against devastating childhood diseases.

The information above can be found on the official website of St. Jude Heroes. For more details about the organization and to find out how you can volunteer, please visit their website:

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